70% of the world doesn’t have access to God’s Word.
We want to change that.

We Profess

everyone should have access to God's Word and the opportunity to form a relationship with Jesus.

We Partner

with ministries and organizations to distribute audio Bibles to the ends of the Earth.

We Provide

with your help, Bibles and enriching Christian content in over 8,000 heart languages.

Our global reach

Previous Distributions

Current Projects

Our Impact


We have distributed Bibles in 46% of the world's countries.

3.6 Million

We have distributed 3.3 million players across the globe.


We have 7,907 languages and dialects in our audio library.

Changing Hearts!

Our mission is to empower the Church to fulfill the Great Commission by providing access to God’s Word in every language.

We accomplish this by sharing the Good News of God’s love on solar-powered audio and video Bibles. These Bible devices are distributed by indigenous pastors, mission agencies, Bible societies and translators working in some of the most remote places on earth. Millions of lives are being changed as a result.

You can be the reason someone hears God’s Word for the first time.

Impact Testimonials

Here’s the three most recent updates we’ve received from the field.


Displaced Communities in India

In late 2023, we were blessed to receive news of the profound impact of a discreet distribution initiative in undisclosed locations in India…


Bibles in Vietnam

Vietnam, a predominantly Buddhist country, has seen a blossoming of Christianity despite the challenges posed by its repressive Communist government. With Christians consisting of only about 8-10% of the population…

A side view of serious homeless beggar man sitting outdoors, leaning against a wall. Copy space.

Homeless Distribution

In our own communities, a silent but significant need exists—one that often goes unnoticed amidst the hustle of daily life. The need for Bibles resonates not only in distant and rural countries across the world…

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