Give the Gift of God’s Word, the Gift of Good News!

Good News is only good if the news is understood. There is no greater gift we can give a person than the opportunity to experience the Good News for themselves. Multiplied millions around the world have never heard God’s Word – even those with access because they can’t, don’t or just won’t read.

The adult literacy rate is 10% or less in most of the areas where MegaVoice International is receiving urgent requests for audio or video Scriptures. Blind or visually impaired and those who are illiterate because of wars, hardships or never having had the opportunity to go to school, are among the 90% illiteracy rate. Help us break the silence for millions who are closed out from accessing the Good News.

How You Can Help

By joining the Bible a Month Club at MegaVoice International you can provide a Bible or Scripture portion* to people, in their own language, in countries across the globe in a way they can understand and engage with!

Give a family, pastor or a congregation their first copy of the Word of God in audio or video. Your gift will ensure that an appropriate Bible is delivered in their own language so they can grow in their faith and learn about the incredible love of Jesus Christ and God’s eternal plan for their lives. Our partners share with us that each audio Bible impacts at least 10 people, with many reaching hundreds or even thousands as it is shared around.

We invite you to give the Gift of Good News – Good News that is understood!


Please pray for the work MegaVoice International is doing. Pray that every audio Bible donated will impact multiple lives and help further the Kingdom of God.


Please prayerfully consider joining the Bible a Month Club. Each donation helps us share audio Bibles with those who need it most!


Share the Bible a Month Club with your friends and family. Invite them to learn more about what MegaVoice International is doing.

Each gift covers the costs of an audio Bible’s shipping, delivery, taxes, and training to a person in need.

$35 = 1 audio Bible / $70 = 2 audio Bibles / $175 = 5 audio Bibles / $350 = 10 audio Bibles


Please consider donating through any of the three methods below.


1 Bible

$35 Monthly

2 Bibles

$70 Monthly

5 Bibles

$175 Monthly

10 Bibles

$350 Monthly

Other Amount

User Specified Amount


Make payable to MegaVoice International and send to:

MegaVoice International
731 Duval Station Road,
Suite 107-310,
Jacksonville, FL 32218, USA

Wire Transfer

To donate via wire transfer, please click here to contact us, or fill out the form on our contact page*.

*Make sure to include how many Bibles you want to donate each month in your message.

*The full Bible is still unavailable in many languages