What do Your Donations Provide?

MegaVoice offers a diverse array of ministry tools, including audio, video, and children’s Bibles, and pulls from an an extensive library of Biblical content, hymns, and trauma healing resources available in thousands of languages. With the help of our Partners, we select the Bible best suited for their distribution areas in order to create opportunities for engagement with the Word of God. With a broad spectrum of devices, translations, and features, we stand prepared to effectively equip our partners across various locations and demographics.


Audio Bibles

The Envoy 2 E Series


  • Solar powered
  • Multi-content audio player
  • Holds multiple languages/dialects
  • 8GB storage capacity
  • FM radio
  • Audio recorder
  • LED flashlight
  • Playback speed control
  • Raised button, easy to use navigation keypad
  • Water, dust, and shock resistant

Intended for:  Oral learners and missionaries.

Christian Content

Our vast audio library contains the following content.

  • 180 recordings of the Old Testament
  • Over 1,400 recordings of the New Testament
  • 400 recordings of the full Bible
  • 76 Sign Language films
  • 13,000 films from a myriad of Christian film suppliers

Our devices hold 4 – 8GB of any of the above listed content as well as your own content! Contact us for more details on how to get your content on our devices.

Video Bibles

The Envision Tablet

The Envision from MegaVoice brings us one step closer to seeing the Bible in a new accessible way for everyone, everywhere. Video content, such as the ASL Bible (American Sign Language) or The Jesus Film, are available to be loaded onto the Envision. Users can experience the message like never before on the Envision’s high quality screen and through its dynamic audio.

Intended for: Deaf/hard of hearing, small groups, and families.

Children’s Bible


Wildlife STORYTELLERS are soft, furry critters containing audio Bible with stories for children and adults around the world in their own native tongue. The stuffed tigers, elephants, bears and others can be loaded with recordings in over 5,000 languages and dialects. They are are unique, effective spiritual tools to help you and your ministry partners share the Gospel and give comfort to children across the globe. From children of crisis to those who have never even heard of Jesus, they make an eternal difference.

Intended for: Disadvantaged and trafficked children.


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