Displaced Communities in India

Displaced Communities in India

16 February 2024

Restoring Hope

In late 2023, we were blessed to receive news of the profound impact of a discreet distribution initiative in undisclosed locations in India, where Christians endure severe persecution amid the backdrop of prevalent ethnic violence. Our treasured partners at World Cassette Outreach of India (WCOI) undertook a mission to visit relief camps housing families profoundly affected by recent ethnic conflicts. This conflict, regrettably, resulted in widespread devastation, with families losing their jobs, homes, certificates, and, most tragically, loved ones who fell victim to brutal violence. 

The journey into the district, home to many displaced families, posed formidable challenges for our dedicated partners at WCOI. Navigating numerous checkpoints manned by both military and civilians, their journey was charged with tension. 

“I felt as if I was crossing a very sensitive international border,” said James from WCOI. 

Yet, by the grace of God, they successfully navigated an alternative route, and despite paying a significant fee, they ensured the timely arrival of 2000 MegaVoice Audio Bibles. Upon arrival, the conditions were grim. Families were residing in makeshift accommodations such as community halls, church basements, and schools, where they share a confined space with another family. 

“We were deeply moved looking at their condition. Many of them in these camps were successful people but now they have nothing,” James shared. 

The distribution of Bibles in these camps proved to be a profound blessing. For many, it was deemed the best gift they had received, as numerous individuals had lost their cherished Bibles when forced to flee their homes. These Audio Bibles now enable them to hear God’s word in their native language. 

“We are so grateful to have had the Bibles in their language. It is our sincere prayer that these Audio Bibles offer much comfort and hope. There is a lot of hostility, and peace is not something these communities are thinking about. It is our hope that the Word of God will grant them the peace they are looking for in their hearts and this would, in turn, help them to peacefully work together in helping end this terrible conflict.” – James 


Heartfelt gratitude is extended to the dedicated team at WCOI for their instrumental role in the distribution of MegaVoice Audio Bibles to the afflicted communities in India. We feel blessed to share the story of the impactful mission we are undertaking together. Glory to God for allowing us to be a part of this transformative endeavor. 

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