Bibles in Vietnam

Bibles in Vietnam

16 February 2024

The Church in Vietnam

Vietnam, a predominantly Buddhist country, has seen a blossoming of Christianity despite the challenges posed by its repressive Communist government. With Christians consisting of only about 8-10% of the population, the choice to follow Christ in Vietnam is met with obstacles, particularly in rural areas where persecution is harsher. Despite these hurdles, MegaVoice International, in collaboration with Cru and supported by your generous donations, has embarked on a mission to spread the message of hope and faith through the distribution of audio Bibles to believers and non-believers alike.

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In partnership with Cru

Cru’s global mission to promote evangelism and discipleship has opened an incredible opportunity for partnership with MegaVoice International. United in purpose, we are dedicated to transforming lives through the power of the Gospel. Our dear friends at Cru acted as the boots on the ground during this mission to share audio Bibles with new believers, the blind, elderly, and those who have never had access to the Bible before. 

Immediately upon distributing our Bibles, we saw evidence of the Lord’s hand at work in the hearts of his people. A city driver finding solace in Christ, a blind woman discovering the profound blessing of engaging with the Bible, and a Catholic man expressing his joy for a deeper understanding of God’s Word through our audio Bibles collectively attest to the transformative power of hearing the Word in one’s heart language.

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I wish I would have had this Bible years ago so that I could understand it more”, shared one man after he received his MegaVoice Bible.


The thirst for the Word among believers in Vietnam is growing. As they immerse themselves in the teachings of Christ through the audio Bibles, their hunger for spiritual nourishment only grows stronger. Already, there are requests pouring in for more audio Bibles, reflecting the deep longing for the message of Christ to permeate every corner of Vietnam.

We are exceedingly grateful for our partnership with Cru and their unwavering commitment to reaching every soul with the message of Christ. Distributions like these are only made possible through your generous donations and partnerships with mission-minded organizations like Cru. 

Consider donating to enable more distributions like these.

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