Bibles in Uganda

Bibles in Uganda

29 April 2024

Special Delivery!

An upcoming delivery of audio Bibles awaits for small indigenous communities in Uganda. Through the help of Yolanda in association with Fellowship of Christian Believers, the Word is being hand delivered to remote communities with a hunger to learn more about who Jesus is. As Yolanda prepares to depart on this mission in May, we ask that you join us in prayer for a fruitful and successful trip to Uganda. We pray that each Bible will make its way into the hearts and hands of whomever the Lord intends for it. 

More updates to come as we await this distribution. 

group of African farmers have fun in the fields, they have hoes in their hands and they are ready to plow the field, child with the basket of crops on his head

Never Too Young to Give

An extra special delivery of WildLife Storytellers for the children of Uganda is also on the horizon. All thanks to the remarkable ambition of a young girl with a heart for giving.

Living approximately 7873 miles away from Uganda, young Elenora, at the tender age of nine, recognizes the importance of children knowing Jesus. Upon discovering MegaVoice’s WildLife Storytellers, plush animals containing children’s Bible stories, Elenora wasted no time in finding a way to raise funds to donate them. Utilizing her talents, she planned, prepared and set up a spring bake sale with the sole purpose of donating the proceeds to MegaVoice International, enabling us to provide our partners with WildLife STORYTELLERS for the children in rural Ugandan communities.


Find out more about the WildLife StoryTellers Elenora is sending to the children of Uganda here.

Despite her tender age, Elenora’s bake sale proved to be an outstanding success, raising over $600 in just one day. Through her heartfelt efforts, Elenora has provided a priceless gift for children she has never met: the profound message of the Gospel and a furry companion for them to cherish.

More updates to follow.

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