Effective tools to share the Gospel and comfort children across the globe

» How do you share the Gospel with a child who speaks a language you’ve never even heard of?

» What can you give a young girl traumatized by sex trafficking and abuse?

» How do you comfort an orphan who lost his mother and father to AIDS?

Give them something to hug and love that speaks to them in their own heart language from God’s Word… give them a Wildlife STORYTELLERS animal

Wildlife STORYTELLERS — different soft, furry critters — share Bible stories with children and adults around the world in their own native tongue. The stuffed tigers, elephants, bears and others can be loaded with recordings in over 5,000 languages and dialects. When you place these animals in the hands of children and adults, it is a tactile reminder of God’s love.

They are are unique, effective spiritual tools to help you and your ministry partners share the Gospel and give comfort to children across the globe. They were strategically developed to make a long-lasting impact on children around the world. From children of crisis to those who have never even heard of Jesus, they make an eternal difference.

Research shows that stuffed animals can bring physical and emotional comfort to children and adults who have experienced trauma and pain. The Wildlife STORYTELLERS will help children of poverty, disease and disaster around the world literally feel God’s love, even as they hear about the hope He gives. And they can give any child the foundation of faith they need to grow into followers of Christ.

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