These are exciting days in Vanuatu!

Five people groups in Vanuatu have recently published their very own New Testaments. That is 5 New Testaments in 5 completely different languages. This represents 50 accumulated years of painstaking work by groups of dedicated translators, the input of local language communities, and the support of numerous people around the globe. Glorious work to honor the name of God among the island peoples. “The Lord is King! Earth, be glad! Rejoice, you islands of the seas!” Psalms 97:1

We are excited! Unfortunately though, many of the people in those communities either can’t read, don’t read for meaning, or just don’t make a habit of reading. So, not wanting any to miss out, we have published in audio at the same time. That way, readers and non-readers, children and elderly, youth and adults, and even the blind are able to listen on their MegaVoice Envoy audio players. And they love it!

In 2017, two more language groups are looking forward to their own New Testaments. We will publish in audio as well as book form. Four other translation projects are pressing on to the goal of their own complete New Testament. As they publish scripture portions each year, new technology helps us easily and quickly get the translations onto MegaVoice Envoy audio players so they can have that part of God’s Word accessible immediately.

These players are purpose built to last the distance in a tropical environment, and to not cost the listener a cent to keep them tirelessly declaring the very words of God – they are solar powered!

We’d love to see as many people as possible in these language groups in Vanuatu have this amazing resource to access God’s life-awakening words in the language that they understand best – their own.

Will you join with us to make this a reality?

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