For several years…

MegaVoice audio Bibles have been making their way into Ukraine for several years now. The videos above are both from previous conflicts in the region, but give a glimpse into the effect our audio Bibles are having there. We’re thankful to our partners who strive to make sure audio Bibles are available to the people there during past and present turmoil! The story below is of what is currently happening with our audio Bibles in Ukraine. Some from our very own team have been able to personally delivery and distribute players to the people there.

Audio Bibles being distributed in Ukraine



In Proverbs we are promised that our future hope ‘will not be cut off’. MegaVoice is discreetly working with major ministry partners to deliver this gift of Biblical hope, in the form of durable audio Bibles, to Ukrainians in need. A team member who helped coordinate a recent audio Bible drop shared, “People were very happy [the players] were in both Ukrainian and Russian, and with solar and flashlight.” We are providing audio Bibles to both civilians and soldiers in Ukraine. These solar-powered Bibles do not rely on electricity or battery power, and they are much sturdier than smartphones, making them easy to use, share, and conceal.


We do not know how long the Ukrainian conflict will continue, or what the ultimate outcome will be. We do know that God’s Word sustains us through trials and afflictions. Think of the comfort you’ve received through access to the Bible in your own heart language. We are working to ensure that every Ukrainian believer has this same access.


Pray for provision and protection for Ukrainians who are in harm’s way. Pray for the funds needed to continue delivering audio Bibles to the Ukrainians who need them most. Pray for our team members who are working with local ministry partners to find creative distribution solutions. Pray for the humanitarian and refugee relief organizations who are striving to meet the needs of so many displaced victims.


In Romans and elsewhere, the Bible continually instructs us to offer hospitality and welcome the stranger. How can we extend hospitality to Ukrainian citizens and refugees if we are on the other side of the globe? The simple act of giving every person access to God’s Word in their own language is a great place to start. As Ukrainians navigate devastation and trauma, we know that simply meeting their physical needs won’t soothe their pain. They need the comfort and hope found only in God’s Word.

Please prayerfully consider how you can join us in this work.

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