MegaVoice is always hearing wonderful testimonies!

We hear from missionaries out in the field as well as churches and organizations as to how our MegaVoice players are changing lives in towns, villages, and homes.

We often hear how one of our players makes its way into a small village and is used by a few people. Once others in the village hear the Word of God being spoken in their native language from our players, they are overjoyed and and will listen for hours – to the point where they set aside time throughout the week to listen together.

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Villagers Listening
Marie Madeline
“Marie Madeline is a believer who married a “religious” man living in a Senegalese town close to the Northern border of The Gambia.

She carries her MegaVoice player around while doing chores and her mother-in-law became very interested in the Wolof programming on it (The Way of Righteousness chronological Bible lessons in Wolof and the New Testament in Wolof). They regularly have discussions about relevant Biblical topics and Marie Madeline hopes to one day see her husband’s family come to trust Jesus Christ as their true Lord and Savior.

Marie Madeline continues to find great encouragement in the midst of her non-evangelical environment from the Biblical programs on her MegaVoice player.”

-Steve Newkirk

From Myanmar
“MegaVoice audio Bibles are really effective in my ministry field.

One young man, who is illiterate, can now listen to the solar audio player. As he is illiterate, he cannot read or write. But he can hear!

He is now telling the Gospel to others as he has learned from the solar. He always tells his friends about what he heard from the solar. It is really effective.”

-Sister Muani, Yangon

God Story – Girls Rescued
“Awhile back a gift of 400 MegaVoice players went to one of our God’s Story leaders. These players are being used to minister to young Nepali girls who have been rescued from sex trafficking. The rescued girls are loved, nurtured and taught a trade. Most become followers of Jesus.

They go back to their villages with a solar player, and as needed, something with which to continue their new trade skill. Instead of retuning home as outcasts, each newly confident girl is perceived now as having value and she becomes a witness in her village.”

God Story

Ministry in Naypyitaw
Myanmar Boy Listening
“God open the door for His kingdom and glory in Naypyitaw. I used the MegaVoice to share the Gospel to the non believers. It is so useful to hear the gospel among the precious Burmese people.

I used the MegaVoice in many different ways to further the Ministry as in the picture. I let some people borrow it for a day and they listend in each home. Some people listen during their cooking.”

-Pastor David Dong

Evangelists in CBN Well Projects Report on MegaVoice Distribution
“I like the Bible reading and the songs in these players. The drama presentation of God’s word is excellent.

It makes understanding God’s word much better especially for those that cannot read. This has truly helped us because most of our people are illiterates. This tape will help us present the gospel to them easily.”

-Peter Hore, Hekan Church, Rogo, Kano state

From North Africa
“Years after I met a believer in the month of December we traveled to one of the villages and as we arrived to the place where we were planning to stay this man kept saying: do you remember years ago you gave me a Megavoice? Which is an audio player with the full gospel and God Story in Berber language. He said: I heard the message over and over and now I am a believer.

What a wonderful surprise to hear that after years the Lord showed me that His Word will never go void.”

-Dorothy Miller

Papua New Guinea Group
Learning How to Use a MegaVoice Player