Need to Raise $35,000

There are currently 24 Christian mission fields on Tanna where local evangelists seek to reach people who hold traditional animistic beliefs (‘kastom’) . These people are members of cargo cults and the ‘Unity’ movement which seeks to combine kastom thinking and ‘cargo’ movements with the church. These people are gripped by a fear of spirits and a dependence on magic. Some believe in an age of prosperity brought about through ceremonies, others believe in the resurrection of their prophets, others still believe that Moses walked on their island and that Jesus was buried there.

By God’s grace many of these people have had the New Testament translated into their ‘heart-language.’ However one of the traits of Tanna’s kastom and cargo movements is that they do not allow their children to go to school. Even the ‘Unity’ movement which now allows schooling has very low literacy because it takes so long to establish schools and literacy classes, and much of the older generation will never acquire these skills. That is why the translated Scriptures on MegaVoice will be a powerful tool for mission on Tanna.

Through each MegaVoice, people will encounter the living God and hear his word which was written so that they might believe and have life. There are many strategies in place for mission on Tanna, but nothing will be as significant as letting people hear God’s word for themselves.

A gift of $35 will get one MegaVoice Envoy unit to the people here, or a gift of $100 will be enough for three.

Thank you for prayerfully considering to help.

Tanna Bush Mission