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2,000 audio Bibles are just sitting, waiting to change someone’s entire world.

We have the opportunity to send audio Bibles to one of the most closed countries on our planet. We can’t even tell you where these audio Bibles are going in order to maintain security for the people delivering them. But trust us: the people of this country are ready and waiting for the Bible.

The door to this country is only going to be open very briefly, so we need your help to take advantage of this small window of time by sponsoring one of the 2,000 audio Bibles.

$2,400 is total amount needed to send all of the audio Bibles!


Praise the Lord! Our goal has been met and surpassed!

Thank you everyone who has given!

We’re keeping the project open as any additional funds will be used to deliver more audio Bibles while the window is still open.


Please consider donating through any of the three options below.


Donations are made through PayPal.



Make payable to MegaVoice International and send to:

MegaVoice International
731 Duval Station Road,
Suite 107-310,
Jacksonville, FL 32218, USA

Wire Transfer

To donate via wire transfer, please click here to contact us, or fill out the form on our contact page*.

*Make sure to include the project name in your message.