It is with sorrow yet also with joy to let you know that my good friend, Brad Turkington from MegaVoice in Northern Ireland, went to be with our Lord on Wednesday, June 7th.
Brad had a stroke a few days back due to a bleed in his brain and complications because of other health and medication factors. He had a severe case of Covid and never fully recovered from the complications brought on by the Coronavirus. Brad passed away peacefully in the hospital with his wife Hillary and his two sons at his side as he went to be with the Lord in Glory.
I spoke with Hilary this evening and she is doing as well as could be expected. She told me that Brad’s passing was in some ways a blessing since he would have had physical complications to deal with caused by the stroke.
I knew Brad since 2003 when we worked together on the first ever MegaVoice project of 4,000 Ambassador players loaded with the Arabic Jesus Film audio supplied to Egypt through the Bible Society in Northern Ireland. Brad was a part of the Bible Society in Northern Ireland at that time and we began a friendship that lasted until today. I will miss Brad and his cheery, encouraging voice, especially when he would say “gr8” (great with his Irish accent).
I remember many years back Brad rang me to share a dream he had one night. He said that in his dream he entered Heaven and as he was walking, thousands of African children were touching him and went to him saying “because of you I am here”. He woke from the dream and shared it with Hilary and she said she believed the Lord was telling Brad that he had a part of reaching African children for the Gospel with his MegaVoice work. Interestingly, soon after that dream, Brad helped several UK ministries provide MegaVoice into Africa. I have shared Brad’s dream many, many times after he told me since it was such a blessing to me. In fulfillment of his dream, I believe Brad is now in heaven hugging African children that he had a part of helping with their salvation through his work with MegaVoice.
Brad’s funeral arrangements are in the planning stages right now and should take place in the next few days. Hilary told me that in lieu of flowers, Brad would have wanted people to give to help fund MegaVoice projects in his name. I think it is appropriate that we will give those donated MegaVoice Audio Bibles to children in Africa. If you have on your heart to give something, then please make a donation below as the Lord leads you.
Please pray for Hilary and also Brad’s two sons at this difficult time. If you want to write to Hilary, please use this email address:

All donations received will be used to send audio Bibles to children in Africa in honor of Brad.

“We are confident, I say, and willing rather to be absent from the body, and to be present with the Lord.”

2 Corinthians 5:8


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