With God all things are possible. Your help is vital.

Donate MegaVoices solar-powered audio Bibles so people who do not read can hear God’s Word.

You can be part of God’s extraordinary work in the most remote and disadvantaged places on Earth.

The robust, solar-powered audio Bibles you donate are for the lost people of God.

Here is a profound key to successfully sharing the Gospel, in any place, to any person:

The heart receives the Good News best
when you speak its own heart language

You will be giving people access to translations of the Bible in thousands of languages and dialects, plus recordings of teaching materials that build strength and faith.


$51,000 // 1,700 Audio Bibles

$30 covers the cost of 1 MegaVoice audio Bible.



Please consider donating through any of the three options below.


Donations are made through PayPal.



Make payable to MegaVoice International and send to:

MegaVoice International
731 Duval Station Road,
Suite 107-310,
Jacksonville, FL 32218, USA

Wire Transfer

To donate via wire transfer, please click here to contact us, or fill out the form on our contact page*.

*Make sure to include the project name in your message.