“Bearing One Another’s Burdens”

Responding to the Need

Isaiah wrote that “those who live in darkness will see a great light.” Despite the real threat in Afghanistan, we have an opportunity to strengthen brothers and sisters in Christ with God’s Word in their heart languages—like Dari and Pashto. MegaVoice is discreetly working with major ministry partners on the ground to send thousands of AUDIO BIBLES to the persecuted Church in Afghanistan, as well as to Afghan refugees pouring into Pakistan and other surrounding countries.

A Closing Window

We aren’t sure how long the boarders will remain open or how long we’ll have this opportunity to serve underground believers. For many Afghan Christians, this may be the only Bible and teaching they can access for years.

A “Little Preacher”

Since Afghan believers are forced to worship in secret, they’re often separated from their pastors. These audio bibles can literally serve as their “little preacher”, bringing comfort and strength to our brothers and sisters through the Word of God, Bible stories, sermons, worship songs, and other resources.

Amazing Impact

For only $34 we can deliver an entire library of audio content to strengthen Christian families and churches. On average, a single audio bible will serve 10-15 people for many years—which is vital as we look to help persecuted believers grow as disciples—even while they are forced to worship in secret.

Remember Their Suffering

As Afghan Christians go through a time of severe persecution, you can bring the hope of God’s Word!

The need is great, but our God is faithful!

We believe that He will make provision for thousands of MegaVoice audio bibles to minister to Afghan Christians—both inside the country and to refugees in neighboring countries. So far we have received funding for the first 1,000 players to be distributed into Afghanistan. Praise the Lord! Now we’re trying to raise an additional $34,000 to send another 1,000 audio Bibles.

Please prayerfully consider how you can join us in this work.


$34,743 Raised so far!


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